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Southwest 2004 Travelogue: Part 3

We got to the Grand Canyon (north rim) in the evening, and took the short hike to Bright Angel Point for a quick glimpse of things. The second photo here is funny to me because I remember photographing this exact same tree several years ago; I like it for some reason. It looks about the same as it did then, I think. :->


The next morning we took a quick hike on the Widforss Trail, which was nice; easy terrain through forests and meadows, punctuated by occasional, sudden views across the canyon. For some reason, only one photo survived from that hike.

Then we drove out the Walhalla Plateau, stopping at various spots. The first two photos are from Greenland Lake, a sinkhole lake that was entirely overgrown when we saw it; I don't know whether the water level was low or if it's always that way. I like both photos so much that I can't choose between them! The last photo is from Native American ruins on a side trail off the Cape Royal Road, a nice preview of what we saw later at Mesa Verde.







Next we drove to Point Imperial, my personal favorite spot on the North Rim (which I had forgotten until we revisited it). As you can see by its near-omnipresence in these photos, I just love that nearby pinnacle of rock, with the canyons receding into the haze behind it...




We stopped in at the North Rim Lodge for a final view, and then drove out; the second photo is from the road north back out of the Grand Canyon area.


Part 4: Bryce

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