Lab 9: Coastal dunes and marshes

BOT 165: Plant communities of California
San Jose State University

UCSC Enclosure Area A (Santa Cruz County)
Four-mile beach, Wilder Ranch State Park, Hwy 1 (Santa Cruz County)

cattail coast buckwheat silver beach-weed sea-rocket
yellow sand-verbena sea-fig alkali-heath pickle-weed

After the lab a few of us went over to Natural Bridges State Beach to see the Monarch butterflies in their wintering grounds there. They may not be there much longer, due to habitat fragmentation and loss, so it's a sight worth seeing when you're in Santa Cruz in the winter. The biggest clusters were further from the trail, and my camera doesn't have much zoom, but you can see some butterflies in this photo. It's really amazing in person, the air is filled with butterflies.

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