BOT 165: Plant Communities of California

San Jose State University

Lab pages:
Lab 1   (titled)   (untitled)
Coastal redwood forest
Lab 2   (titled)   (untitled)
Mixed evergreen forest &
closed cone conifer
Lab 3.1   (titled)   (untitled)
Lower montane mixed conifer forest
Lab 3.2   (titled)   (untitled)
Upper montane mixed conifer forest
Lab 4   (titled)   (untitled)
Mixed evergreen forest II
Lab 5   (titled)   (untitled)
Jasper ridge
Lab 6   (titled)   (untitled)
Foothill woodlands
Lab 7   (titled)   (untitled)
Lab 8   (titled)   (untitled)
Sage scrub
Lab 9   (titled)   (untitled)
Coastal dunes & marshes
Lab 10   (titled)   (untitled)
Lab 11   (titled)   (untitled)
Deserts, islands & coastal scrub
Quiz pages:
Fruits & cones Conifers Oaks & allies Shrubs

The mnemonic for opposite plants: Madcap Garry Buck's a lame monkey's wedge.

   Mad: Maple, ash, dogwood.
   cap: Caprifoliaceae (twinberry/honeysuckle, blue elderberry, snowberry).
   Garry: Garryaceae (coastal silk tassel).
   Buck: Buckeye.
   lame: Lamiaceae (the mint family, including black sage).
   monkey: sticky monkey flower.
   wedge: wedgeleaf ceanothus.

Useful links:
   Dr. Lambrecht's class page
   U.S. Forest Service "Silvics of North America": conifers hardwoods
   California botanical Latin name derivations
   Search for plants at

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